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This business got my wife and I out of debt and allowed me to pay cash for my dream car!  It can work for you too!!! - Coach Ben
Hello! My name is Ben Olszewski and I'm pictured here with my wife of 19 years, Angela. We are so excited to welcome you to our amazing cash club. This system has set us financially free and we are going to help you experience the same! In fact, we will be your coaches here in this program which means you learn our exact 6-figure success blueprint and we'll even help you by closing all your sales and sending you checks! Please review this page before moving forward into the webinar presentation.  We have 2 options!....100% commission and our Done-For-You 50-70% option.
All Guarantees Good For The Next 48 Hours!  
*Your First Commission is Coming in The Next 30 Days or We'll Pay YOU $1500!  We Are so Confident in Our Marketing System we Guarantee YOU Will Earn Your First Big Commission!
*Applies to all programs $3000+.
  • Success Guarantee - All members at our $3,000 level or higher are guaranteed a commission in the first 30 days.  There is one rule:  You must spend at least $200 to market your business.  This allows the marketing to start to work for you.
  • FREE Marketing!! - All members are automatically added to my marketing rotator!  This means you will have a constant flow of leads coming in.  This is in addition to what you are doing to market your business!
  • Home Business Advertiser Rotator - We rotate all the cost to you!
  • Fast Start - Right out of the gate we'll drive 100 people into your funnel!
  • Additional Co-ops Available- $100/$200/$300-$1000!  Our members are offered an insane solo ad marketing blast at only .50 per click!  Our clicks convert into prospects at a minimum of 20%!!
  • Phone Closer (option "A" below) - Never talk to a single prospect.  Ben closes all sales for YOU!
  • Access to Top Secret Team Marketing Vault - Top secret guarded info.
  • Free Custom Postcards - Our cards convert!  How many do you want?
  • Commitment Bonus - Market your business for 6 months straight and I'll pay your admin fee!
  • Free Life Upgrade at ListAdProfits - 2400+ members...great exposure!
  • Free Life Upgrade at Benssafelist - 400+ members and growing.
  • ZERO Tech Issue Commitment - Ben sets everything up for you!
  • And So Much More...

Dedicated to OUR Success!

We are here to support our team and it's our mission to blow your mind.  This business can change your mindset, change your bottom line and change your life.  Step out in faith and take a chance on YOU!  That's exactly what we did after the real estate crash in 2007 and we never could have imagined we would be here after such personal devastation.  It's truly possible to create your success and see your dreams come true.  This business is incredible.  God Bless YOU!
Done For You With Phone Closers.
50-75% Commission System.
100% Commission Presentation.
New Testimonial From Mark :)
"Ben, I just had to send you a short note to say you are super AWESOME! As a success coach and a person. I have only been on your team for a short time but have reaped benefits galore. You have kept your word on everything and helped me tremendously in many ways! I couldn't be happier to be a part of your team! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the 50/50 split sale. I was super excited when you sent the $1,500 for doing nothing but being on your team! God bless you my friend! I can't wait to see how this team continues to prosper in 2019. Thanks again!"

Mark Kemp
Big Ticket Team Member
New Testimonial From Frank :)
"Just a little shoutout to Ben for the great job he is doing as my coach. I woke up this morning and i found 1500 in my bank account from Ben's effort.

Thanks Ben!

He has also helped me with my marketing plan to show me the best traffic methods for my money. I know I will be a success with Ben there to guide me along the way."

Frank Novak
Big Ticket Team Member
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